21st Iranian International Film Market

Fajr International Film Festival Market

The Iranian Film Market (IFM) is one of the main sections of Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF), which is legally funded by Iran’s Cinema Organization.

The 21st Iranian International Market for Films and TV programs (IFM) will take place in Tehran from April 19th to 27th, 2018.

The market is trying to create a platform for promotion and distribution of family, humane and moral contents avoiding violence, eroticism and nudity. To achieve so, IFM provides exclusive meeting and exchange opportunities for attending producers, distributors, exhibitors and sales agents of films and TV programs.

Multi-Content Film Market the Meeting Place for World’s Buyers

The multi-content Film Market of the 36th Fajr International Film Festival has become the meeting place for at least 50 international sales agents, producers and distributors from across the globe. Shahla Rostamkhani, of the Sales Department of FIFF, says last February at least 150 invitation letters were sent to many sales agents and distributing companies

Fajr Film Market Is Open for Business

Every year, Fajr becomes the largest trade hub for the film industry in the region and beyond, and this year is no exception. Film Market Manager Mohammad Mehdi Yadegari says the venue with 42 pavilions is now officially open for business, welcoming movers and shakers of the industry, as a vital meeting point for industry

Iranian Titles Up for International Sales at 2018 Fajr Film Market

The 2018 Fajr International Film Festival has announced the names of films playing in its Film Market, a commercial event that each year provides valuable services for international distributors and sales agents. Iranian filmmakers fortunate enough to receive distribution offers for their films will be able to ink deals with sales agents to release their

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