Thursday 18 July 2024
3:42 PM | | 42 Fajr

A New Record of Additional Screenings

A New Record of Additional Screenings

Second screenings in FIFF sets new record.
Mohammad-Reza Faraji, the director of cinema theaters at the 42nd Fajr International Film Festival, has announced that the following films will have second screenings:

  1. “Projectionist” (Directed by Ghorbanali Taherfar)
  2. “The Heart of Raqqah” (Directed by Kheirollah Taqianipour)
  3. “The West Sky” (Directed by Mohammad Asgari)
  4. “Open Arms” (Directed by Behrooz Shoaibi) (two sessions)
  5. “Summer of the Same Year” (Directed by Mahmoud Kalari)
  6. “Ahmad” (Directed by Amir-Abbas Rabiei)
  7. “Light Blue” (Directed by Babak Khajeh Pasha) (two sessions)
  8. “Alligator Blood” (Directed by Javad Ezzati)
  9. “About Majnoon” (Directed by Mehdi Shamohammadi) (two sessions)
    In total, there will be 12 additional screening sessions for the movies shown on the fifth day of the FIFF, which is a new record for the festival.

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