God Does not Play Dice With the Universe! \ Behnaz Jafari Review of “The Laplace’s Demon”

Choice or fate? (Maybe) that is the question! A philosophical question that humanity has tried to answer since the beginning of time, with many thinkers acknowledging the efforts in vain. A question that is rooted not only in philosophy but also in religion, mysticism, and science. None of us want to be pawns on a

A Complicated Event \ Danesh Mehrzad Review of “A Call to A Father”

A message to Father, at first look, reminds us of the famous Iranian new wave film, a simple event (Sohrab Shahidsaless, 1352): a naughty boy that has to live with a careless father in the absence of his mother. But Serik Oprimov has created a more dramatic situation that somewhat accelerates the structure, and the

The Gnostic and His Deer \ Amir Pourya Review of “AGA”

It’s hard to imagine, and its realization is pleasant; that filmmaker can take advantage of a screen with specific visual features, and not only do not restrict it to illustration in its entire world of film. In the most films like AGA the prevailing environment in the narrative creates extreme exoticism in the film, and

The Fate that You Fear \ Sara Bahrami Review of “A Sort of Family”

As written by Oriana Fallaci in her book “Letter to a Child Never Born” Being a woman is soft and beautiful … An adventure that requires endless courage and tireless resistance. Being a woman, Motherhood, Motherhood is not a profession Not a social class, it is not a duty … Motherhood that  seems to be

A Poetic Narrative From 19th Century \ MohamadReza Delpak Review of “Giant”

“Giant” (original title “Handya”, which means big) is a historical drama, directed by Jean Garanho and Ayuror Araghi. Made in Spain in 2017, the film is based on the story of Miguel Juliaquin Alzagoi Arteaga, known as the Alzheimer Giant. Miguel suffers from what was known as the Gigant’s disease in the 19th century. The

Is it possible to Love Thieves? \ Sourosh Sehat Review of “THE WHISKEY BANDIT”

Why do we like anti-heroes? They are not heroes. Their behavior is in contrast with the social norm. So why do we like them? Anti-heroes have a worldview and attitudes, and live with their belief, and hence have an honorable character. The thief who steals only from the rich, the bully who punishes the guilty,

Uprooted from the Motherland \ Babak Karimi Review of “SEA SORROW ”

What do Shakespeare, Vanessa Redgrave and war have in common? Vanessa Redgrave, famous English screen and stage actress and social activist, looks at war from a different point of view. “War Migration” has been a grave problem for mankind throughout the ages, and leaving the motherland has been of irreparable consequences for migrants, particularly children.

The Truth is in the Dark… \ Antonia Sherka Review of “The Miner”

The truth is often bitter, and it becomes even more so when it is intertwined with a historical truth that had been ignored; that leads to the elimination of parts of our collective identity as well as our individual identity, leaving a void which cannot be filled with any reason or justification. The title character

Last Name Challenge \ Sahar Asrazad Review of “Orduckly ”

“Ordak-li” is the third film by Behrouz Gharibpour, the well-known figure of Iranian theater. A black and white movie about a boy, called Bayram Oradak-li, in the 1320s or 30s (1940’s/50’s). He comes to Tehran from Tabriz his mother’s treatment where his accent and last name turn into a big challenge with his classmates. The

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