Thursday 23 May 2024
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Cinema, A Language For Connecting Countries \ Aydin Aghdashloo

Cinema, A Language For Connecting Countries \ Aydin Aghdashloo

Those who know me know that I love cinema and music. I have often spoke of my love for cinema in the past. I believe that cinema and painting complement each other. When I am painting I often recall my favourite films. May God bless the late Abbas Kiarostami and Ali Asghar Masoumil. We were always in contact and I was lucky to have some amazing memories with those two dears. The funny part is that none of us knew in the beginning if we would become filmmakers or painters. Maybe we influenced each other to follow the paths we did. However; neither music or painting were never as powerful as cinema. As in neither has been able to pull the focus of the public quite the same way as cinema has. Right now cinema’s language has the capacity for connecting countries. Everyone thousands of film festivals take place around the globe and this itself is quite astounding. If had chosen to pursue cinema I think I would have either been a critic or a director, either way I always knew that I could live my life as a filmmaker. Luckily I did find painting which has such a special for me, so maybe I didn’t make the wrong choice after all. What is important to remember is that art can only grow when in contact with the outside world, the visual arts in Iran have often been deprived of this contact. Iranian Cinema though has been establishing a dialogue with the outside world and one of the prime examples of this is the Fajr International Film Festival. These days international filmmakers, students and critics visit Iran and allows for our own filmmakers and students to understand what is happening in the world of cinema.

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