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City Life and The Shortage of Song \ Taha Parsa Review of “Song of Granite ”

City Life and The Shortage of Song \ Taha Parsa Review of “Song of Granite ”

Maybe the first human to sing, did it to overcome some fear.

Perhaps early humans began to sing brought about euphoria as their sexual hormones overflowed.

They sang and sang until they forgot why they started to sing in the first place.

The characters in “Song of Granite” all poses beautiful singing voices.

its not clear if in their calm and cold village they “sing to survive” or “only live to sing more.”

In terms of vocals the people of the little village in Ireland who appear in the film, use their vocal cords in a manner very similar to the villages of Khorasan in Iran. Even their melodies in terms of device are very similar to Iranian Maghami music.

However, all of these vocals have an extraterrestrial nature. Perhaps it’s a strange experience, but you can imagine all of these vocals belonging to Spielberg’s “Close Encounter’s of the Third Kind” and its otherworldly soundscape.

The vocals that rise from the hearts of the people in the village to the sky, becomes muted in the city, as if the city has no sky or maybe there is no way to get it from there.

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