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Yadegari: 42 Film Market Pavilions, Host of Post-Screening Q & A

Yadegari: 42 Film Market Pavilions, Host of Post-Screening Q & A

The 36th edition of Fajr International Film Festival will host 42 national and international pavilions and a host of post-screening Q and A sessions by experts.

The movie business event offers the unique opportunity to develop relations with representatives of other countries: festivals, professional organizations, producers, distributors. It is the perfect place to promote your film, industry, means of production, and to support and highlight your cinematography.

Stating the above, Mehdi Yadegari, who is the managing director of Fajr’s Film Market, said there will be slight changes to the way the Film Market will be run, including the number of pavilions. He said: This year the number of pavilions is down by five. The space will be used instead by the Festival’s studio to cover the news and the programs. The focus is on introducing Iranian talent and distributors. We want to introduce them to international clients. The idea is to connect them to the international film market; to gather buyers and sellers, producers with a specific interest in Iran; and to help them increase their knowledge on this very relevant Film Market.

About animation movies, Yadegari said: We want to get animation producers on board as well. Iranian animation movies have what it takes to be part of this growing global trend, which is a cut-throat competition. We will introduce top Iranian animation companies to international clients who will be attending the Film Market. This is aimed at all international distributors attending the Film Market with a professional business goal. Based on one of the core competences of the Film Market as a sales and distribution platform, the organizers will provide a professional working environment, facilitating key business for producers: developing film projects, networking, financing, producing, and distributing.

According to the Film Market director, Iran needs to have more distributing companies. There are huge opportunities to be had in the production of movies for the silver screen, including feature, documentary, short, and animation. He said 30 companies have already applied to rent pavilion this year: There will be many Iranian participants as well, because the focus for us is to sell Iranian movies to international clients. Clients from at least 25 distributing companies will take part from across the globe. They are very much interested in buying new Iranian movies of all genres. This is a big deal for us. This is important because two international film festivals will also run at the same time as Fajr. Meaning, those taking part will have a tight schedule. We cannot afford to lose this great opportunity. For the time being, though, we are happy to host at least 25 international companies and we want to make sure we can all make optimum use of this opportunity.

According to Yadegari, international clients can attend the pitch and networking event; they can have the opportunity to meet potential co-production and financing partners among the Iranian guests; or collect information about the distributing companies whose movies will be screened in the competition or in the market. All movies at the market will see distributors attending as well. This makes it easier for international clients, producers, and distributors to connect and do business.

On film screening at the market, he said: The Festival seeks to ensure clients have access to all movies that are screened in the market. They can explore, connect and do business. Some movies are never screened at the competition section, but they are still available for purchase. Just like other festivals, sellers will be in the market to talk to potential buyers. This is a top priority for the organizers.

In conclusion, Yadegari said: The Q & A sessions between critics, experts and fans will be part of the market as well. Experts will give feedback and all the participants will have the chance to give their further contribution in a sort of interactive think-tank. The event was a huge success last year. It offers useful hints, tips and strategies to focus on the strengths of our filmmakers and their unique works, as well as advice on how to develop and enhance their profile on the festival circuit for global audiences. They can talk about marketing as well. This includes which festival a movie should go, and which festival it should be marketed. It all starts here at the Film Market, where Iranian filmmakers and companies can navigate the various avenues available for distribution and make their movies visible for an array of international clients.

For all festivalgoers who are already planning their visit, check screening time and other information at, or email us at Presided over by Iranian film writer and director Reza Mirkarimi, the 36th edition of Fajr International Film Festival will be held in Tehran on April 19-27.

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