Thursday 23 May 2024
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Fiff Conveying The Peace Message From Iranian To The World \ Mahmoud Dolatabadi

Fiff Conveying The Peace Message From Iranian To The World \ Mahmoud Dolatabadi

I was hoping to speak more on literature but it seems another topic will dominate my talk. I have loved cinema since childhood but have never wanted to work as a filmmaker. I do have a lot of respect for filmmakers. It’s a great thing that our artists have been recognized internationally in various fields, this has raised our international profile.

I am not an expert in film festivals. I do appreciate how the FIFF has a created the space for a  positive dialogue between us and the international community. Specially since we have always struggled to introduce our movies abroad and to showcase foreign films in Iran. I personally support any attempt at introducing Iranian art and culture to the world. I was hoping that we would organize a festival dedicated to literature as well but it seems our literary community doesn’t have the power to convince those in charge. However we do have to accept that cinema is a very strong international language.  I hope that the festival uses its platform to give the world a message of peace from the Iranian people. Connecting people from around the world and introducing films are separate but worthwhile endeavours. We can’t keep people in a bubble, they need to explore new cultures and gain a better worldview.

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