Wednesday 24 April 2024
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FIFF Introduces Us to the World \ Loris Tjeknavorian

FIFF Introduces Us to the World \ Loris Tjeknavorian

Today, more than ever, we need to be in touch with the international community. We can not separate ourselves from other countries. Today the World Festival has reached a level where it can initiate a dialogue with international filmmakers, which is a huge achievement. I am very pleased that this festival will be held because we learn a lot from our international guests and them from us. If anyone today is criticising the FiFF, they are definitely narrow-minded and do not know what it takes to host such an event. These friends believe that we should not communicate with any other country and build a house in the desert and live alone there. This is not the world of today the world today is defined by the relationships. Unfortunately, the outside of world does not have a good perception of us.  We need to take part and participate in international events. The FIFF makes it possible for us to introduce ourselves to the world. Our civilization is thousands of years old. The people of the world must know our civilization, architecture, and music. We can not be on their level right now, but we can try to be a bit like them and make progress. Our cinema has taken up the mantle of the opera of old. In the past, Opera encompassed all artistic disciplines. Cinema has popularized the Opera. Today Cinema is the first word in art. Of course, our cinema must reach an acceptable level. We have to end the era of commercial directors and filmmakers. We have tremendous filmmakers who have received little attention. Each Toman spent on this festival should be multiplied by ten. Once we were only able to follow the outside world through the television, but today we can communicate and talk with people of different countries. The cultural benefits that this festival provides us by allowing us to talk to the world are immense.

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