A Beautiful Woman

  • Feature
  • 2018
  • 8 Minutes
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language: Persian (Farsi)

Ziba is in a court with her daughter waiting for her world to change.

Director: Sajad Mousavi

Screenwriter: Sajad Mousavi


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Sajad Mousavi

DOP / Camera: Vahid Byouteh

Editor: Reza Mohebali

Music: Ali Gorgin

Sound: Hadi Ma’navipour

Producer: Mehdi Maghsoumi

Cast: Komeil Ataei, Mehrnaz Ahadian, Aadel Khazaei, Reyhane Maghsoumi


Sajad Mousavi

Seyed Sajad Moosavi Born1990 in Zanjan Iran –He Graduated of Bachelor’s Degree in Film Directing from Soore Art University of Tehran, Master’s Degree in Social Communication Sciences, Islamic Azad University- (DBA) Graduate of Strategic Cultural Management, Iman Husain University – Winner of more than 50 credible international awards for filmmaking, creativity, education, and cultural management, such as: 2016 The International Creative award, university of Osaka, Japan, the Gold medal of 79th UNICA-UNESCO international Festival , UK, 2016, BEST FILM OF Black International Cinema Berlin 2013, Germany- BEST FILM OF San Diego International Kids Films Festival 2013, USA- BEST FILM OF Islamic World Film Festival 2013, Malaysia- BEST FILM OF Filmat Poland 2013, Poland- BEST FILM OF Unica Unesco, BIAFF 2016, UK- BEST FILM OF Gold Movie Awards 2017, UK- BEST FILM OF Zumeff 2016,UAE- BEST FILM OF Sose international film festival 2016, Armenia- BEST FILM OF Moondance International Film Festival 2016,USA – BEST FILM OF International Motion Festival –Cyprus- BEST FILM OF Seoul International Drama Awards2016, Seoul- BEST FILM OF FICMA 2016, Mexico- BEST FILM OF Viva film festival bosnia- BEST FILM OF Lutfest – PRVI KADAR- BEST FILM OF HAK-IS SHORT FILM CONTEST Turkey- BEST FILM OF 2015 Sepanta Awards- BEST FILM OF Iranian Film Festival of San Francisco-BEST FILM OF Bursa international film festival- BEST FILM OF Alnahg international film festival and various other awards from America, England, China, Australia, UAE, Iraq, Armenia, Russia, India, Iran, France, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia, Cyprus, etc. Winner of more than 150 credible national awards, Winner of the Genius Youth award of Iran for three consecutive years, and receiving the award from the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, The author of many scientific articles for different magazines. 2018 UNESCO ICT PRIZE Candidate -With Application: “Ten years of international educational evolution in a creative way and using communication technology and educational videos conforming to UNESCO’s objectives”

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