A Call To Father

  • Feature
  • 2017
  • 104 Minutes
  • Kazakhstan
  • Language: Kazakh

Yerken who is unlike his peers. He confuses reality with his imagination. His mother is desperate as public school typically doesn’t admit “these kinds” of children. Nonetheless, he has the dream – to attend a public school. When mother leaves the family, Yerken is left alone with his father.

Director: Seric Aprymov

Screenwriter: Seric Aprymov

Production Company: MERADA


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Seric Aprymov

DOP / Camera: Seric Aprymov

Editor: Aizhan Bisimbimova

Music: Murzali Zheenbayev

Sound: Ruslan Sakiev

Producer: Seric Aprymov

Cast: Zhiger Mirzabek, Aizada Satybaldieva, Erbolat Ospankulov


Seric Aprymov

Writer and film director, Seric Aprymov was born in Aul-Aksuat, Kazakhstan, in 1960. Merited Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he is a member of Kazakhstan’s Cinematographer’s Union and of Russian NIKA Film Academy. He was awarded the Republic of Kazakhstan Parliament’s 10th anniversary Jubilee Medal and entitled a “2003 Kazakhstan Film Director of the Year” award at the “Altyn Adam—Man of the Year” awards.

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