A Father’s will

  • Feature
  • 2016
  • 113 Minutes
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Language: Kyrgyz

After living as an immigrant in the USA for 15 years, Azat flies to Kyrgyzstan to his family village. His father, Murat, died in the USA a year ago. It was his dying wish to pay back the money he owed to the villagers. Azat discovers the family home derelict. Choro, the younger brother of Murat, and their relations left a long time ago. Despite most villagers not liking him. One day, Choro, who was imprisoned because of Murat, arrives and the most important question about Murat's will is decided.

Director: Bakyt Mukul, Dastan Zhapar Uulu

Screenwriter: Dastan Zhapar Uulu, Bakyt Mukul

Production Company: National Film Studo "Kyrgyzfilm", Production company "Elfilm Studio"



Montreal World Film Festival, Golden Zenith for the Best First Fiction Feature film

Eurasia International Film Festival, "Tulpar" award in nomination "Best Central Asia film"

Minsk International Film Festival Listapad, The diploma "For a modern view on tradition", Special prize of the CIS Executive Committee "Cinema without Borders". Special prize of the Minsk city executive committee.

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Dastan Zhapar Uulu, Bakyt Mukul

DOP / Camera: Akjol Bekbolotov

Editor: Aktan Ryskeldiev

Producer: Gulmira Kerimova, Ermek Mukul

Cast: Iman Mukul, Marат Аlyshbaiev, Taalai Каsymaliyev, Bakyt Mukul, Tynаrа Аbdrazaeva, Diаnа Sabyrbekova


Bakyt Mukul

Bakyt Mukul is an actor and a film director from Kyrgyzstan. He was born in 1965.
Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Kyrgyz Republic. 2016, “A Father’s will” a debut film as scriptwriter and director.


Dastan Zhapar Uulu

Dastan Zhapar Uulu is a filmmaker from Kyrgyzstan. He was born in 1988.
2010, Graduated from the Kyrgyz State University of Culture and Arts in the Theatre and Cinema Faculty.
2010, Member of the Union of cinematographers of the Kyrgyz Republic.
2016 “A Father’s will” a debut film as scriptwriter and director

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