• Short
  • 2016
  • 5 Minutes
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Language: Arabic and English and French

The story is about a Muslim family migrated abroad whose only daughter Amal, who after the martyrdom of her father (Joseph) who was assassinated because of a suicide bomb in an award ceremony in France is going through a strong psychology trauma and heavier grief on her Mother (Sabreen). A new step taken by her mother creates a new hope 'Amal' for both of them.

Director: Hani Alqattan Hani

Screenwriter: Hani Alqattan Hani



2016: Best Shorts Competition Festival, Award of Recognition, United States

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Hani Alqattan Hani

DOP / Camera: Iliya Gegov

Editor: Kartikye Gupta

Music: Mukund Ambarish

Producer: Hani Alqattan Hani

Cast: Nour Bitar, Hamzah Saman, Sue Shaheen


Hani Alqattan Hani

Hani Alqattan is a Los Angeles and Middle East based director, writer and cinematographer. He wants to reach global audiences and make high quality drama features while working with talented people. In high school, he was I was closely attractive to music then worked in the theater field for two years realizing that is art is very wide world for matching his self expression and personal feelings. “I couldn’t find better than movie to delivery all of hat,” says Alqattan.

He says directing is like being a father because it requires you to take care of every aspect of the movie making process in order to deliver specific deep and believable touchy experiment to the audience. Also, he feels directing makes you like a ship captain by working with different types of talent, communicating the vision and delivering the story its specific destination. Both directing and cinematography are important to him because he loves to connect with people.

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