Because of Love

  • Short
  • 2017
  • 15 Minutes
  • Turkey
  • Language: Turkish

Emre takes care of the only livestock his family owns. He is also in love with Bahar who is his mother’s assistant in embroidery classes. However, he cannot muster the courage to confess. When one day Emre loses the cow which he brought out to graze in the meadows things get complicated.

Director: M. Abdülgafur Şahin

Screenwriter: Melis Şahin


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Melis Şahin

DOP / Camera: M. Abdülgafur Şahin

Editor: M. Abdülgafur Şahin

Sound: Seçkin Akyıldız

Producer: M. Abdülgafur Şahin, Aybala Hilâl Yüksel

Cast: Mehmet Emin Taştekin, Hasret Khajehvand, Kemal Denizci, Demet Albayrak


M. Abdülgafur Şahin

Born in 1989 in Istanbul, he is working as director of photography at Kaplan Film Production and writes in Hayal Perdesi cinema magazine.

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