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Dance with me!

Jahangir’s friends get together for his birthday. The occasion makes them think about their lives and themselves.

  • Persian (Farsi)
Production Year
Film Type
Production Countries
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
Ali Mosaffa, Javad Ezati, Hanieh Tavassoli, Pejman Jamshidi, Siavash Cheraghipour, Kazem Sayahi, Mehrab Ghasemkhani, Ramin Sadighi, Bahar Katouzi, Pavan Afsar, Shiva Balouchi, Mahyar pourbabaei, Behrooz Tavakoli
Premier Status
World Premiere

Crew List

Soroush Sehat – Iman Safaei
DOP / Camera
Sina Kermanizadeh
Khashayar Movahedian
Maziar Younesi
Alireza Alavian, Amin Mirshekari
Production Designer
Mehdi Mousavi
Mohammadreza Takhtkeshian


Soroush Sehat
Soroush Sehat


Film Critic

Compulsive neighborhood with musical seasoning

Sahar Asre Azad
Sahar Asre Azad

“Dance with me” is the first movie of Soroush Sehat who has the experience of serial making and screenplay writing for both cinema and television in his worksheet. The movie, circles around critical situation of a man named Jahangir who finds out about the time of his imminent death, but has this important advantage of not stocking in a bitter and frustrating atmosphere; a euphoric ambiance rules the film which is not unlike some of Dariush Mehrjui’s works. By planning of his brother, Jahangir is faced with arrival of a group of his friends to a farm in the outskirt of the city on his birthday. A group, each of which has a problem with itself or another but the death of Jahan is an excuse to force them to tolerate each other and naturally unleash their past nodes that are functional in the present time. In fact, the film is the subscription point of links, reconciliations and loves that already forms a compulsive neighborhood between these people and even between man and nature and animals; in the end, dance and music (which play a decisive role in drawing the mental world of Jahangir) is the best frame for putting an end to the outcome of this flamboyant story.

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