Goodbye Soviet Union

  • Feature
  • 2020
  • 91 Minutes
  • Estonia, Finland
  • Language: Russian and Estonian

Johannes is born into an Ingrian-Finnish family in the Estonian Soviet Republic. When his mother leaves for Finland, and he’s left to be raised by his grandparents, Johannes is forced to face life on his own. He falls deeply in love with his classmate, Vera, takes risks, gets into fights, and gets punished... all the while, in the background, the Evil Empire collapses…

Director: Lauri Randla

Screenwriter: Lauri Randla

Production Company: Exitfilm, Oy Bufo Ab

Premier Status: National premiere



2020: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Lauri Randla

Producer: Peeter Urbla

Editor: Leo Liesvirta, Andres Hallik

Music: Lauri Randla

DOP / Camera: Elen Lotman

Cast: Ülle Kaljuste, TõnuOja, Niklas Kouzmitchev, Nika Savolainen, Pääru Oja


Lauri Randla

Director Lauri Randla has a BA and MA in film art from Aalto/ELO film school in Finland. His filmography to date consists of several short films, among them “Mausoleum” (2016, 26 minutes). Has won several international awards: best foreign film at 2016 Toronto Short film festival, Audience prize ShortCuts Bucharest in Romania, Best film at Scanorama festival in Vilnius, London Lift-Off FF – Best Short Film, Discover Film Awards/UK – Best Narrative etc.

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