Hendi & Hormoz

  • Feature
  • 2018
  • 88 Minutes
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language: Persian (Farsi)

Hendi and Hormoz, a young couple, who marry according to the tradition of their island in the Persian Gulf, Hormoz, hardly know each other, but this new and mysterious world (marriage) that awaits them leads first to having fun together, but this ‘fun’ which is in fact ‘life’ becomes increasingly dangerous.

Director: Abbas Amini

Production Company: MAGICLAB, Mehrva Gallery



2018, Berlinale, genration, Germany

Cast and Crew

Producer: Hossein Farokhzad, Abbas Amini, Abbas Amini

DOP / Camera: Ashkan Ashkani

Editor: Shahroz Tavakol, Ehsan Vaseghi

Music: Mehran Ghaedipour

Sound: Mehrshad Malakoti, Reza Tehrani, Hossein Pour Rahimy

Cast: Zohre Eslami, Hamed Alipour


Abbas Amini

Born in Abadan, Iran in 1982, he moved to Tehran in 2001 and began working as an assistant director on various feature films. His first short films and documentaries focused on social topics such as the consequences of the Iraq-Iran war and particularly the welfare of children. He has been a volunteer for the Association for the Protection of Child Labourers (APCL) for the past ten years. His debut feature film Valderama screened in the 2016 Berlinale Generation.

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