In Exile

  • Feature
  • 2016
  • 72 Minutes
  • Myanmar, Germany
  • Language: Burmese

Burmese filmmaker Tin Win Naing documents the plight of migrants who have fled the civil war in Myanmar for refuge in Thailand, and now toil as plantation workers in conditions tantamount to slave labour.

Director: Tin Win Naing

Screenwriter: Tin Win Naing

Production Company: Perennial Lens



Toronto Film Festival , Canada

Busan Film Festival, South Korea

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Tin Win Naing

DOP / Camera: Aung Ko Ko, Tin Win Naing

Editor: Melanie Sandford, Aung Nwai Thway

Music: Derek Baird

Sound: Ivan Horak

Producer: Yasmin Rams, Rodney Charles


Tin Win Naing

Tin Win Naing was born in Yangon, Myanmar. He trained at Yangon Film School and has worked as cinematographer on numerous films. In Exile (16) is his feature directorial debut.

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