Into the Void

  • Short
  • 2016
  • 9 Minutes
  • Myanmar
  • Language: Burmese

When a young father's only companion,his young daughter, suddenly falls ill never to recover, he is left a broken man. However, a haunting presence convinces him that a glimmer of hope remains. He rushes to the graveyard to dig her up, but nothing could have prepared him for what he was going to find beneath the surface.

Director: Freddy Aung, Zon Moe Oo, Min Thu Aung

Screenwriter: Si Thu Aung, Min Thu Aung, Freddy Aung


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Si Thu Aung, Min Thu Aung, Freddy Aung

DOP / Camera: Min Thu Aung, Zon Moe

Editor: Freddy Aung

Music: Adam Scott Delmare

Sound: Adam Scott Delmare

Producer: Zon Moe Oo

Cast: Sai Sai hlaing hlaing, Taylor Htoo, MgMg Than, K Khine Kyaw


Freddy Aung

I was born in Myanmar. My life changed completely when we got awards consecutively in local film festivals. By 2012, we found a production group called Rockals Pictures. The group consist of 7 member including me and my 2 brothers. Since then, we made films and entered several film festivals and got awards.


Zon Moe Oo


Min Thu Aung

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