khadije saghafi

  • Feature
  • 2017
  • 82 Minutes
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language: Persian (Farsi)

60 years of Khadijeh Saghafi’s life, Imam Khomeini’s wife.

Director: Mostafa Razagh Karimi

Screenwriter: Mohammad Reza Karimi Rad, Mostafa Razagh Karimi, Zahra Nabipour

Production Company: Documentary and Experimental Film Centre



2017: Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite, Best Film

2018: Fajr Film Festival

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: azam Behrouz

DOP / Camera: Reza Teimouri

Editor: Mohammad Pourfar

Music: Saba Nedaie, Armin Kheirdan

Sound: Mohammad Pourfar

Producer: Documentary and Experimental Film Centre


Mostafa Razagh Karimi

Mostafa Razagh Karimi was born in 1962 in Tabriz and graduated in architecture from Austria. He started his artistic activities by making amateur documentaries and short films. Among his outstanding works are educational films about AIDS for Austria’s ministry of education that is now included in their curriculum.

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