• Feature
  • 2017
  • 11 Minutes
  • Kuwait
  • Language: Arabic

A short film about an extra's actor life. His struggle and his dream to become a real actor one day.

Director: Abdulaziz Alballam

Screenwriter: Abdulaziz Alballam, Hmoud Alamri

Production Company: BLACKRAIN Films


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Abdulaziz Alballam, Hmoud Alamri

DOP / Camera: Abdulaziz Alballam

Editor: Yusef Alabdullah

Music: Jassim Alrumaidheen

Sound: Soud Almisfer

Producer: Abdulaziz Alballam, Laila Alghareeb

Cast: Amer Abukabeer, Rawan Mahdi, Hussain Alrasheed, Sulaiman Almarzouq


Abdulaziz Alballam

Abdulaziz Kadhem Mohsen Qasem Alballam was born in 1991 in Salwa, Kuwait. Student at the higher education of dramatic arts in Kuwait, he aspires to be a director. At first, Abdulaziz was interested in sports “free running”. He made his first short film “Step TO PK”.

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