Lost Whispers in The Distance

  • Documentary
  • 2021
  • 60 Minutes
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language: Persian (Farsi)

A group of Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers talk about their situation at a Serbian refugee camp. The dramatic differences between their perceptions and the reality of asylum are inescapable.

Director: Mansour Forouzesh

Screenwriter: Mansour Forouzesh, Faranak Gholampour

Production Company: Mage Pictures, Sooreh Documentary center

Premier Status: World Premier



2021: 62th Cork International Film Festival, Ireland / Tehran Short Film Festival/ Religion Today Film Festival, Italy / Hong Kong Short Film Festival

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Mansour Forouzesh, Faranak Gholampour

Producer: Mansour Forouzesh, Seyed Mahdi Dezfuli (Co-Producer)

Editor: Mansour Forouzesh, Amin Forouzesh

Music: Soroush Kamalian

Sound: Ehsan Fayezi

DOP / Camera: Mansour Forouzesh

Cast: Jafar Lachini, Mozafar Ravar, Mohamad Balouchi, Masoumeh, Noushin


Mansour Forouzesh

Mansour Forouzesh is an Iranian filmmaker with a master’s degree in cinema from ELTE University in Hungary. In addition to making several TV documentaries for Iranian Radio and Television and China CCTV, Forouzesh has 7 short fiction films and 2 feature documentaries in his repertoire and is producing his third documentary. Mansour Forouzesh has also been active judging at international film festivals and writing reviews and articles for the film media. In addition to film production, Forouzesh has held several film workshops in Iran, Hungary and United Kingdom. Forouzesh’s latest short film “When I Killed the Cat” is a recent Iranian, Hungarian and British Co-production with the official support of Arri company.

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