• Short
  • 2016
  • 15 Minutes
  • Mexico
  • Language: Spanish

The Guadalupe dam watershed, located at the northeast of Mexico City, is a region of great biodiversity. It's a source of oxygen, drinking water, wood, food, medicinal plants and cultural elements for the inhabitants of the Valleys of Mexico and Toluca. While an important home for the Otomí ethnic group, the watershed also shelters a peculiar species: the mountain axolotl (Ambystoma altamirani), a micro-endemic, endangered amphibian, unique in the world.

Director: Adrian Arce

Screenwriter: Adrian Arce

Production Company: Kinomorfosis



2016: International Festival de Film Etnografic, Zlatna (FIFE ZLATNA), Best Cinematography of a Foreign Film

CTLPDX International Environmental Film Festival, Best Film, Honorable Mention

2017: tiNai Ecofilm Festival, Best Foreign Short Ecodocumentary – Runner up

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Adrian Arce

DOP / Camera: Adrian Arce, Alejandro Cons, Victor Avila

Editor: Adrian Arce

Sound: Adrian Arce, Alejandro Cons

Music: Alejandro Cons

Producer: Adrian Arce


Adrian Arce

Adrian Arce: Masters Degree in Media, Arts and Production, Film and Video Stream by the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) with a scholarship from the Council for Culture and the Arts of Mexico. Bachelors Degree in Social Communication by the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico (UAM). Director, producer, editor and cinematographer of different documentary and fiction projects such as ‘Voices of Guerrero’, which obtained, among other awards, the Jose Rovirosa Award for best documentary in 2004 and ‘Out of Focus’, screened in more than 30 international festivals and winner of the Best Mexican Documentary Award at the Short Shorts Mexico Film Festival 2014.
Adrian has worked in the production of different film festivals such as the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) and Mexico City’s International Contemporary Cinema Festival (FICCO). He’s also directed the castings for independent fiction features such as ‘Yo’ by Matias Meyer, ‘Mai morire’ by Enrique Rivero and ‘Malaventura’ by Michel Lipkes.
He is co-founder of the Homovidens Collective and the production house Kinomorfosis.
Adrian has also worked as an independent director and editor for different TV channels and production houses such as Fox/Plataforma, Clío/Televisa, ONCE TV and CANITEC/Solaris.
Among his documentary and fiction productions Adrian has produced the following films:
‘Metamorphosis’ (Documentary, 14 minutes, Mexico, 2016), ‘Out of Focus’ (Documentary, 36 minutes, Mexico, 2013), ‘El Ñero’s Trip’ (Fiction, 17 minutes, Australia, 2007), “Memoria en brasas” (Documentary, 72 minutes, Mexico, 2006), ‘Shooting Battle in Heaven’ (Documentary, 60 minutes, Mexico, 2006), ‘Voices of Guerrero’ (Documentary, 52 minutes, Mexico, 2004), “De la Merced a Chalma” (Documentary, 76 minutes, Mexico, 2003) and ‘Locked Souls’ (Fiction, 8 minutes, Australia, 2002).

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