Moon said: Blop Blop help

  • Short
  • 2018
  • 9 Minutes
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language: Persian (Farsi)

Whale has fallen in love with the moon. At nights he tries to jump up high to get to it. One night he hears a dreadful sound and suddenly realize moon is in the sea, he is filled with joy but soon finds out the moon shine is fading away.

Director: Reyhaneh Kavosh

Screenwriter: Leila Honarkar


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Leila Honarkar

Music: Mehdi Ghashghaei

Producer: Ali Reis


Reyhaneh Kavosh

Reyhaneh Kavosh born in 1984, graduated in Animation Directing from Iran Broadcasting University. She has a long career in animation, illustrating and graphic. Her work has been selected and awarded in a number of International festivals.

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