• Feature
  • 2016
  • 77 Minutes
  • Indonesia
  • Language: Indonesian

Based on a true story.

Athirah’s life is shattered when another woman enters her husband’s life. In a time and cultural background where polygamy is still widely accepted, Athirah struggles alone with the hurt and humiliation.

Meanwhile, Athirah’s eldest son, Ucu, has to go through his teenage years with uncertainty. While trying to understand what is going on in his family, Ucu falls in love with Ida. His effort to approach Ida isn’t easy and Ucu’s frustration deepens when he discovers that his mother is pregnant again.
A portrait of an Indonesian family in South Sulawesi circa 1960 that still resonates today.

Director: Riri Riza

Screenwriter: Salman Aristo, Riri Riza

Production Company: Miles Films



2017: Vesoul Internation Film Festival of Asian Cinema, INALCO award

2016: Indonesian Film Festival, Best Picture, Best Art Director, Best Adapted Scenario, Best Costume, Best Lead Actress, Best Director

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Salman Aristo, Riri Riza

DOP / Camera: Yadi Sugandi

Editor: W Ichwandiardono

Sound: Satrio Budiono

Music: Juang Manyala

Producer: Mira Lesmana

Cast: Cut Mini, Christoffer Nelwan, Arman Dewarti, Jajang C. Noer


Riri Riza

Born in 1970, Riri Riza graduated from the Film Department of the Jakarta Arts Institute, with Master’s degree in Screenwriting from the Royal Holloway University in London. ELIANA, ELIANA won Young Cinema award and FIPRESCI at 2002 Singapore International Film Festival & Special Jury prize at Vancouver International Film Festival. GIE won the best picture in Asia Pacific Film Festival and best picture in Indonesian Film Festival 2005. 3 DAYS TO FOREVER won Best Director award at 35th Brussels International Independent Film Festival in 2008. THE RAINBOW TROOPS (2008) was Indonesia’s all-time box-office records, was selected for Berlin International Film Festival 2009.
ATAMBUA 39oCelsius premiered in competition section of Tokyo International Film festival2011. THE JUNGLE SCHOOL won the Audience Awards in Fukuoka Focus on Asia International film festival 2014. Some of his movies: Sherina’s Adventure (2000), Eliana, Eliana (2002), GIE (2005), Dear Rena (2005), 3 Days To Forever (2007), The Rainbow Troops (2008), The Dreamer (2009), Atambua 39 ‘Celcius (2012), The Jungle School (2013), What’s With Love 2 (2016), Emma’ – Mother (2016)

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