Nantong Night

  • Short
  • 2021
  • 13 Minutes
  • China, France
  • Language: Chinese

Jian works as an e-driver in Nantong, China, driving the cars of customers too drunk to drive home. One night, however, one of his passengers asks him to be taken to the police station.

Director: Leopold Dewolf, Emma Qian Xu

Screenwriter: Leopold Dewolf, Emma Qian Xu

Production Company: Patafilm

Premier Status: International Premiere


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Leopold Dewolf, Emma Qian Xu

Producer: Léopold Dewolf, Emma Qian Xu, Antonin Ehrenberg

Editor: Alexis Marro

Sound: Xiaolong Jiang, Alain Castillo

DOP / Camera: Emma Qian Xu, Leopold Dewolf

Cast: Jian Zhang, Xingxiang Mao, Sijia Dong


Leopold Dewolf

Leopold Dewolf studied animation at Westminster University in London. He was graduated with a degree in directing from the Los Angeles School of Cinematic Arts.


Emma Qian Xu

Emma Qian Xu Born in Nantong, China, studied business negotiations in Paris. At the same time, she has also pursued her interest in cinema.

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