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“Va kas che” is a documentary film regarding the life and death of Ebrahim Monsefi, mostly known as Ebram; a popular southern guitar player, singer and poet in Iran who was born 70 years ago in Bandar-Abbas.

  • Persian (Farsi)
Production Year
Film Type
Production Countries
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
Darya Sayehbani
Production Company
Media Nest
Premier Status
International premiere

Crew List

Kamran Heidari, Saeideh Keshavarzi. Written Narariors: Kamran Heidari , Aniseh Sa’adat, Saeid Armat
DOP / Camera
Kamran Heidari
Kamran Heidari
Ali Farmani, Kamiar Behbahani
Production Designer
Emanuele Moretti
Kaveh Farnam


Kamran Heidari
Kamran Heidari


Film Critic

A film for whispering and watching

Mohammad Reza Farzad
Mohammad Reza Farzad

“Va Kas Che” is Kamran Heidari’s return to his interest and proficiency: the documentary of music and the south of Iran and of course interacting with a vast audience. After his negotiable, bitter, but still successful film named “Ali Aqa”, his new film follows “Dingomaro” this time in a mourning way. The film is an album-catalogue of Ebrahim Monsefi’s most memorable songs – the one whose songs’ retrieval and re-singing has these years been carefully practiced by the middle class living in the capital. Rami’s love narrations are heartily made and heartily received. Va Kas Che tries to admire his easy yet difficult to imitate songs while narrating Rami’s life in a new and illustrative manner. The structure of the film has been inspired by the simplicity of Rami’s charming music and the filmmaker has focused on depicting the unity and harmony of Rami’s songs with his climate. Unlike several films made about Monsefi, Va Kas Che by avoiding dull critical or regretful speechwisely narrates Rami’s melancholic and self-destructive life told by himself. This is a serene and enjoyable portrait which definitely shares many unknowns with Rami’s vast audience. This is a film to be watched and to be whispered.

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