• Short
  • 2018
  • 11 Minutes
  • Iraq
  • Language: Arabic

After his brother became an actor, rather a star in spite of his Cancer...
Envy flames start to burn (yosef's) heart as he notices people neglecting him to his brother's interest so he tries to be like his ill brother with every means to turn eyes towards him.

Director: Waththab Oneizah

Screenwriter: Mostafa Alrekabi


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Mostafa Alrekabi

DOP / Camera: Mohammed Kamel

Editor: Ali Albayati

Music: Nac media

Sound: zaman abouyazan

Producer: haidar jalwkhan

Cast: ameer almajed, abdulla alghareeb, zainab ali, amerr almajed


Waththab Oneizah

wathab Mohammed al-sugar .. Director and Editor young Iraqi .. directed numerous short films and documentaries, most recently the film (its back then ) winning the best film within the film Script Competition hosted alnahj International Film Festival approaches its second session Award. .
‏Take part series cinematic workshops inside Iraq.
‏A member of the Union of independent filmmakers ..
‏Member of the Association of Iraqi artists

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