• Short
  • 2017
  • 27 Minutes
  • Germany

The sea nomads of Indonesia believe that every newborn child has a twin brother in the form of an octopus. Various rituals are carried out in order to live in peace with the twin and prevent misfortune. According to myth, if something terrible does happen, it is said to be the octopus taking apocalyptic revenge. It’s similar in reality: The apocalypse comes in the form of a new artificial world about to be constructed on the water. This immediately threatens the livelihood of the sea nomads. What should they do now? The octopi, with more than 100 different varieties, belong to the largest species of octopus, and are extremely adaptable. But all forms of adaptation ultimately reach their limit when the required space is gone.

Director: Florian Kunert



Florian Kunert

Florian Kunert is a German filmmaker and cinematographer, he first studied audiovisual media before spending a year in South Africa where he trained young filmmakers from the Khayelitsha Township in documentary filmmaking. This was followed by studies in documentary filmmaking at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Cuba. He spent a year in Indonesia and in 2013 founded the production company Highway Spirits.

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