Paper Plane

  • Short
  • 2016
  • 14 Minutes
  • Jordan
  • Language: Arabic

A girl lives in middle east suffering from her brother. She killed because her brother doubt that she is in love with someone. And to clear his honor he killed her

Director: Ra'ad Tawalbeh

Screenwriter: Arwa alzoubi

Production Company: studio art



2016: Franco Arab Film Festival

Crossing the Screen Film Festival

Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition, China

China(Hangzhou) International Micro-Films Exhibition

Roselle Park Loves Shorts! Film Festival

2017: WE CARE film festival , India

5th Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival , Nepal

IFFC international Festival of Short Films on Culture & Tourism, India

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Arwa alzoubi

DOP / Camera: Nader Raddad

Editor: Mohammad Rahahleh

Sound: Dania Dahdoulan

Producer: Ra'ad Tawalbeh

Cast: Murad Abu Sraya, Salam Abu Alhija, Rawan Ashor, Hana Alshomali


Ra'ad Tawalbeh

he had BFA in cinematic arts and MFA in cinematic arts. he teaching filmmaking for the youth in jordan university of science and technology, he like to focus in human rights in our region. he won jury prize in franco arab festival for the film 3:30 he produced it, he was part of some films won in different festivals

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