• Feature
  • 2016
  • 94 Minutes
  • Turkey
  • Language: Turkish and Kurdish

RAUF is the story of searching under the shade of a war and tough nature conditions , at the age of 11, Rauf finds himself in a big platonic love, in an effort to delight the girl whom he love in a world which loses the colour even in the daylight. Pink is the hue of our story, loves that are dreamed to be experienced, sleeps that are waken up with tranquality, fraternity and amity. Therefore, Rauf seeks ‘pink’ everywhere.

Those pink flowers are the symbol of a standing against the world which fades to black progressively, rebellion of wishes that don’t eventuate and the light which is behind all the lives that are inchoate

Director: Baris Kaya, Soner Caner

Screenwriter: Soner Caner

Production Company: Peri Istanbul



20th Sofia Film Festival: Fipresci Award

56th zlin international film festival for children and youth: jury special award – best actor

istanbul film festival: onat kutlar jury special award

23th kikife – international festival for children: critics award

15th imagineindia international film festival: best film, best visual, best actor

rode tulp film festival: audition award

52. uluslararasi antalya film festivali ,film forum: work in progress big award

seul guro film festival: grand prix/ lessinia international ff: best film

duhok film festival: best film, best actor

lucas film festival: efca award

batumi arthouse film festival: special jury award

antalya film festival: best visual, best art direction

selanik film festival: audience award

international film festival of india: best director

dakka film festival: best screenplay

antakya film festival: best children actor

rajasthan international film festival: best international film

cine junior 2017: grand prix, audition award

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Soner Caner

DOP / Camera: Vedat Ozdemir

Editor: Ali Emre Uzsuz, Ahmet Boyacioglu

Music: Umit Onder, Ayse Onder

Sound: Gokhan Alat

Producer: K.Ugur Kizilaslan

Cast: Alen Gursoy, Yavuz Gurbuz, Muhammed Ubich, Şeyda Sozuer, Veli Ubic


Baris Kaya

Barış Kaya: is the Assistant Director for NEFES (2008) and has directed awarded commercials.


Soner Caner

Soner Caner: has previously worked as an art director and has received the Golden Boll for his work in “Nefes”.

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