• Feature
  • 2018
  • 108 Minutes
  • Palestinian Territory, Occupied, United States, Qatar
  • Language: Arabic and Hebrew (modern)

After 15 years of imprisonment, Ziad struggles to adjust to modern Palestinian life as the hero everyone hails him to be. Unable to distinguish reality from hallucination he unravels and drives himself back to where it all began.

Director: Bassam Jarbawi

Screenwriter: Bassam Jarbawi

Production Company: Dialectic, Rimsh Film

Premier Status: National premiere

Film Critic

Dramatic incident

Azizollah Haji Mashhadi

Azizollah Haji Mashhadi

“Screwdriver” (Mafak) first feature by writer-director Bassam Jarbawi tries to portrait Ziad Bakri’s physical, mental and emotional suffering as a Palestinian man who returns home after having spent 15 years in an Israeli prison. Face with a total social change that looks very different from the past, Ziad has no choice but to return to such a society. In fact, it is very difficult for him to accurately distinguish the boundaries between “reality” and “illusion”. Zaid, as a “hero” who has spent his best years in the Israeli prison, expects other people to follow and obey him. By portraying the central character of Ziad, which now has backed home after years of imprisonment, with severe headaches, insomnia and depression, Jarbawi tries to close viewers with him in a simple manner.



2018: International Bosphorus Film Festival, International Competition, Best Film, Turkey

2018: Montpellier Film Festival, Competition, Young Audience Award, France

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Bassam Jarbawi

DOP / Camera: David Mcfarland

Editor: Bassam Jarbawi, Christopher Radcliff

Music: Jon Natchez

Sound: Ryan Billia, Raja Dubayah

Production Designer: Bashar Hassuneh

Producer: Shrihari Sathe, Yasmine Qaddumi, Bassam Jarbawi

Cast: Ziad Bakri, Yasmine Qaddumi, Jameel Khoury, Amir Khoury, Areen Omari, Mariam Basha


Bassam Jarbawi

Bassam Jarbawi was born in Palestine and studied film at Columbia University in New York. He has worked as a production manager, editor, and writer. His previous credits include the short film Chicken Heads (09). Screwdriver (18) is his latest film.

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