• Feature
  • 2017
  • 81 Minutes
  • Ukraine
  • Language: Ukrainian and Russian

In 1930, in the capital city of Kharkiv, with the approval of Stalin, specifically for Ukrainian writers the "Slovo" house was being built. Sixty-four comfortable apartments, a dining room, a solarium and service staff - real paradise for the creators of literature. However, this paradise is fitted with a special surveillance system and a network of agents, through which the authors are kept under control. Some writers were even reported by their own wives-agents.
Also everyone who visits this house, are under control, including Bertolt Brecht, Theodore Dreiser, Bruno Yasensky, Panayit Istrati, who arrive in Kharkiv for the International Conference of Revolutionary Writers of 1930.
Love drama, suicides, asylums, the holodomor – all of this is about the "Slovo" house.

Director: Taras Tomenko

Screenwriter: Taras Tomenko, Lyubov Yakymchuk

Production Company: Fresh Production Group


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Taras Tomenko, Lyubov Yakymchuk

DOP / Camera: Taras Tomenko, Oleksandr Yakymchuk

Editor: Oleksiy Shamin

Music: Alla Zahaykevych

Sound: Kateryna Herasymchuk

Producer: Oleg Shcherbyna, Julia Chernyavska


Taras Tomenko

DOB February 6, 1976, Kyiv, Ukraine
Graduated Karpenko-Kary Kyiv State University for Theatre, Cinema and TV arts – faculty of cinema and television arts and Taras Shevchenko State Kyiv University faculty for philology

Films: 2015 Сheckpoint Ukraine (documentary)/ 2007 PRISON MAMAS (documentary )/ 2006 LIZA (documentary)/ 2004 PARCHED LAND (feature short film)/ 2004 DISCOVERING UKRAINE” (documentary TV serial (39 episodes)/ 2001 SHOOTING GALLERY (feature short film)/ 1999 SLAUGHTER HOUSE (feature short film)

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