The Blue girl

  • Feature
  • 2021
  • 81 Minutes
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language: Kurdish

In a remote village between the rocky mountains in kurdistan, everyone is in love with football, but there is no plain field to play the game. the children decide to climb up the mountain in order to find somewhere to play the game...

Director: Keivan Majidi

Screenwriter: Keivan Majidi, Faryad Majdabadi

Premier Status: National Premiere



Zlin Film Festival/ Kolkata International Children’s Film Festival/ Dhaka International Film Festival/ FIFEM-Festival International du film pour enfants de Montréal / London Kurdish Film Festival/ Mooov Film Festival

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Keivan Majidi, Faryad Majdabadi

DOP / Camera: Foad Farabi

Editor: Hirou Rasoulpour, Shahram Kamangar

Music: Fardin Lahourpour

Sound: Pezhman Razh, Arastou Mafakheri, Hossein Ghourchian

Producer: Keivan Majidi, Yoseph asadi

Cast: Vorya Majidi, Hima Mohammadi, Mobin Majidi, Jamal Zandi, Hasti Dehghani, Sheena Fathi


Keivan Majidi

Keyvan Majidi was born 1978 in Marivan. After completing his military service, he made his first short film, “Marzeh Van”, which paved the way for him to enter the cinema. Majidi also produced several short films, a series and several short documentaries, which have been participated in 40 international festivals.

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