• Short
  • 2017
  • 11 Minutes
  • Slovenia
  • Language: Slovene

An everyday routine of a lonely old lady is interrupted by an irritating housefly. An initial conflict between the two is soon replaced by a newly found friendship and grandma's days become filled with life and joy.

Director: Áron Horváth

Screenwriter: Áron Horváth, Darko Sintic


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Áron Horváth, Darko Sintic

DOP / Camera: Darko Sintič

Editor: Andrej Avanzo

Music: Tibor Szloboda

Sound: Martin Rajšter, Miha Rudolf

Producer: Jure Kreft, Darko Sintič

Cast: Sandi Lopatec, Mara Vilar


Áron Horváth

Aron Horvath was born on 8 of march 1991 in Slovenia. He was part of the Slovenian nation youth swimming team from 2003 to 2008. He graduated high school in Lendava and studied fine arts for three years in Ljubljana. After the third year he applied to AGRFT (Akademija za gledalisce, radio, film in televizijo) to studie film directing.

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