The Gift

  • Documentary
  • 2019
  • 89 Minutes
  • Italy
  • Language: Italian and Russian

After the release of Nostalghìa, Andrei Tarkovsky runs out his Soviet authorities permission to work abroad: he has to go back home. He understands from the messages of some friends and colleagues that his life in Russia would be even tougher than before...

Director: Giuliano Fratini

Screenwriter: Giuliano Fratini

Production Company: Infinitas Film

Premier Status: MENA Premiere



2019: Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Giuliano Fratini

Producer: Giuliano Fratini

Editor: Maurizio Baglivo

Music: Bernardino Fratini

Sound: Lorenzo Ramerini

DOP / Camera: Stefano Talone

Cast: Marlen Khutsiev, Ali Khamraev, Andrei A. Tarkovsky, Krzysztof Zanussi


Giuliano Fratini

Giuliano Fratini was born on September 1972 in Tivoli (Rome). Graduated at DAMS Roma Tre University with a thesis on Marlen Khutsiev’s “Infinitas”. He approached cinema working as scriptwriter. “Il Dono” (The Gift, 2019) is his first film, a feature documentary.

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