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The Graveless

To fulfil the last will of their recently departed father, three brothers, joined by their only sister, drive to a village in the middle of nowhere where he asked to be buried. The heat and the long journey make the experience unbearable, especially when the body begins to rot ...

  • Persian (Farsi)
Production Year
Film Type
Production Countries
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
Elham Korda, Nader Fallah, Majid Aghakarimi
Premier Status
Regional premiere

Crew List

Behnam Abedi, Hamed Hosseini Sangari, Mostafa Sayari
DOP / Camera
Hamed Hosseini Sangari
Hayedeh Safiyari
Bamdad Afshar
Mohammad Kianersi
Abbas Amouri

Festivals / Awards

2018: 75th Venice Int’l Film Festival, Orizzonti Competition Section, Italy
2018: 54th Chicago Int’l Film Festival, New Directors Competition, United States
2018: 23rd Kerala Int’l Film Festival, Int’l Competition Section, India


Mostafa Sayari
Mostafa Sayari


Film Critic

When my Dad Died…

Sahar Asre Azad
Sahar Asre Azad

“The Graveless” is the first feature film of its director, Mostafa Sayari, who has made a number of short films prior to this. Film is based on a script by Behnam Abedi, Hamed Hosseini Sangari, and a free adaptation of a story by the same name from William Faulkner. Four siblings go on a trip to an unknown village for the burial of their father, according to his will. On this journey, secrets begin to unfold from their past and the script without relying too much on dialogues reveals the secrets that not only relate to the relationship between the brothers and the sister, but also to their estranged father’s past, and his wish to be buried in a cemetery of a remote and unknown village. The encounter of characters with space and geographical location, leads to a new sense of intuition regarding their past and their father’s life. And that’s why location has a significant role in the progress of this story. In this regard, Qeshm Island, is the perfect setting for such a story, considering its unique and exotic mood.

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