The Narrow Red Line

  • Documentary
  • 2019
  • 90 Minutes
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language: Persian (Farsi)

A teen criminal group in prison, decide to take a theater on stage with the guidance of theater coaches and spend a day out of the prison by taking the show on stage somewhere else.

Director: Farzad Khoshdast

Screenwriter: Farzad Khoshdast

Production Company: The Red Film company, Karnameh Art & Cultural Institute

Premier Status: International premiere

Film Critic

A successful experience

emami homayon

emami homayon

In Iran’s documentary cinema, there are rare examples of theatrical works. With a practical approach, Farzad Khoshdast addressed the psychodrama involved resulted from combination of art and psychology, hence, refining the personality and restoring the self-esteem of the perpetrators of the rehabilitation center should be pursued. A director, who through meetings in rehabilitation center, ask felons to by attending his training sessions voluntarily help him to create a successful dramatic play of their lives and positions. From the very beginning, the narrative of the film is based on two streams: first, the progress of the workshop and second, familiarization of volunteers with the reasons that led to their arrest and condemnation. By simultaneous move of these two, finally after several ups and downs- which unfortunately there is no pause on them and the camera pass through them briefly- the play runs successfully and become an icon at the 36th Fajr international theater festival. This brilliant performance has opened a way to the perpetrators and especially when the international jurors of the festival invite the group to play in the cities of Hamburg and Hanover, Germany, has succeeded in changing their point of view and dreams. In the end of the movie, Khoshdast, introduce us the positive achievements of this experience. Restoring the self-esteem of these juvenile offenders, although temporary, were efficacious. At the end, we realize that among those volunteers, some are still in prison and some try to pursue their dreams by continuing their education in performing arts major.


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Farzad Khoshdast

DOP / Camera: Morteza Poorsamadi

Editor: Arash Zahedi Asl

Music: Kiavash Saheb Nasagh

Sound: Mahmoud Kashani

Producer: Negar Eskandarfar, Farzad Khoshdast

Cast: With the appearance of: Toomaj Danesh Behzadi, Farhad Aslani, Hengameh Ghaziani, Afshin Hashemi, Arash Absalan, Amir Dejhakam, Yaser Khaseb , And the performance Troupe of Correction and Rehabilitation Center


Farzad Khoshdast

Farzad Khoshdast studied graphic design and cinema. He started making films in 1992 after attending Abbas Kiarostami’s orkshops and is also a member of Iranian’s Documentary Filmmakers Association. Some of his documentaries are: Peacock Wing Crystals, The Chronicle of an Unfinished Filmmaker, A woman without a name, and The Narrow Red Line. Khoshdast directed his feature debut Gaze last year.

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