• Feature
  • 2017
  • 100 Minutes
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Language: Arabic

A man with his nephew and a woman with her five-year-old sister, coming from a different political background in Syria, are left in the destroyed city of Homs during the war in 2014. They struggle under the fire and wonder how their rising love will save them from death.

Director: Joud Said

Screenwriter: Joud Said, Samah Kattal

Production Company: Adamz Production



2017: Cario international film festival/ Carthage film festival

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Joud Said, Samah Kattal

DOP / Camera: Wael Ezz Al Deen

Editor: Rauf Zaza

Cast: Mohamed El Ahmad, Lama Hakim, Hussein Abbass, Bashar Ismail, Karam Shaarani


Joud Said

Joud Said was born in Damascus in 1980. and graduated from Louis Lumière college in France. He directed two short movies: «Monologue» in 2007 and «Goodbye» in 2008. «Once Again» (2009), «My last friend» (2012), and «Waiting for the Fall» (2014) are his feature films.

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