• Feature
  • 2017
  • 11 Minutes
  • Turkey
  • Language: Turkish

It is a cold winter night in a village clinic in Anatolia. A little girl who forced to marry by her family escapes and takes refuge in the forest. She wants to commit suicide with a shotgun but she cannot do it. In the morning, foresters find the injured bride. They took her to the village clinic. In the same night, Ismail is in the village clinic with his pregnant wife who soon gives birth to a girl baby.

Director: Muzaffer Mehmet Caglar

Screenwriter: Muzaffer Mehmet Caglar, Tahsin Yetkin

Production Company: Caglar Motion Pictures


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Muzaffer Mehmet Caglar, Tahsin Yetkin

DOP / Camera: Mehmet Engin

Editor: Muzaffer Mehmet Caglar, Kenan Mansur Dogru

Music: Muzaffer Mehmet Caglar

Producer: Cagla Caglar

Cast: Bedir Bedir, Gurur Aydogan, Meltem Miraloglu


Muzaffer Mehmet Caglar

He studied Business Administration at Yeditepe University. He graduated from New York Film Academy Filmmaking department. He established Caglar Motion Pictures Film Company in 2012. His short film ‘The Sacrifice’ was supported by Culture Ministry. Caglar developed script of his feature film ‘Winter Light’ with Ebru Ceylan and continues to develop it.
‘Beklentiler (Expectations)’ – Short (Director-Scriptwriter) – 2010/ ‘Rüzgarlar (Winds)’ – Feature (Assistant Director) – 2012/ ‘Crimson Crescent’ – Feature (Cinematographer) – 2012/ ‘Yabancı (The Stranger)’ – Short (Director-Scriptwriter) – 2013/ ‘Kurban (The Sacrifice)’ – Short (Director-Scriptwriter) – 2017/ ‘Kış güneşi (Winter Light)’ – Feature (Director-Scriptwriter) – 2018

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