The School Bag

  • Short
  • 2016
  • 15 Minutes
  • India
  • Language: Urdu

In a small town of Peshawar, Pakistan, Farooq has a simple demand of a new school bag on his birthday. But his mother, inspite of her love and affection seems to be unfazed by her child’s plea.
Unknown to Farooq, there is something waiting for him.

Director: Dheeraj Jindal

Screenwriter: Anshul Agrawal



2017: Winnipeg Real To Reel Film Festival, Under 15 Minutes: Best Short Film

FilmSaaz: Best Film

Chittagong Short Film Festival: Best Film

2016: Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival: Best Short Film

The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival: Best Film

Smita Patil Documentary and short film festival: Best Director

Free Spirit International Film Festival: Best Cinematography & Special Mention by Jury

Filmingo Short Film Festival: Best Performance (Female) & Special Award

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Anshul Agrawal

DOP / Camera: Satchith Paulose

Editor: Neil Sehgal

Music: Yousuf Hussain

Producer: Shashi Prakash Chopra, Neeraj Suji

Cast: Rasika Dugal, Sartaj Kakkar


Dheeraj Jindal

Dheeraj Jindal’s filmmaking roots can be traced to his formal training in Masters degree specialised in filmmaking, He first entered the film scene around seven years back as an associate director and very soon he moved on to directing films independently and has a number of social, commercial, corporate and documentary films to his credit.

An auteur filmmaker, his work reflects his vision, his perseverance, and technical know-how. He enjoys making each and every frame in his films striking and memorable.

Immensely creative, disciplined and slightly quirky Dheeraj is a rare blend of talent and humility.

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