The Truth About La Dolce Vita

  • Documentary
  • 2020
  • 83 Minutes
  • Italy
  • Language: Italian

Rome, October 20th, 1959, Giuseppe Amato, a great producer of many Neorealism masterpieces, is alone in a small screening room. On the screen, what will become the most famous film by Federico Fellini, that no one wanted to produce. The rough cut is more than four hours long, and Fellini doesn’t want any cut, Rizzoli, the distributor, doesn’t want to release it. This will become the more challenging experience of Amato’s career and life.

Director: Giuseppe Pedersoli

Screenwriter: Giuseppe Pedersoli, Giorgio Serafini

Production Company: Arietta Cinematografica

Premier Status: National premiere



2020: Venice Film Festival Official Selection, Out of Competition/ Denver Film Festival, Italian Showcase/ Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Fellini At 100/ Kolkata Iff, Cinema International/ Moscow Italian Doc Fest

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Giuseppe Pedersoli, Giorgio Serafini

Producer: Gaia Gorrini, Giuseppe Pedersoli

Editor: Giuseppe Pedersoli

Music: Marco Marrone

Sound: Enrico Pellegrini

DOP / Camera: Maurizio Calvesi, Renato De Blasio, Giovanni Brescini

Cast: Luigi Petrucci, Mario Sesti, Antonio Andreottola, Mauro Racanati, Luca Dal Fabbro


Giuseppe Pedersoli

Giuseppe Pedersoli was born on February 11, 1961. He made is directorial debut with the documentary The Truth About La Dolce Vita (2020).He is a producer and writer, known for Johnny’s Gone (2011), Detective Extralarge (1991).

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