• Feature
  • 2017
  • 91 Minutes
  • Chile, Argentina, France
  • Language: Spanish and English and Aymara and Quechua

A pregnant Quechua girl and her creole partner escape from a refugee camp. On their trek south across the Bolivian Highlands, now a barren wasteland controlled by bloody militia groups, they meet Ruiz, a 50-year-old, war-scarred photographer who seeks to save them from the war zone, salvaging what remains of his humanity.

Director: Nicolas Puenzo

Screenwriter: Nicolas Puenzo, Lucia Puenzo

Production Company: Historias Cinematográficas S.A.


Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Nicolas Puenzo, Lucia Puenzo

DOP / Camera: Nicolas Puenzo

Editor: Misael Bustos, Hugo Primero

Music: Pedro Canale

Sound: Fernando Soldevilla

Producer: Nicolás Puenzo, Lucia Puenzo, Luis Puenzo, Esteban Puenzo

Cast: Peter Lanzani, German Palacios, Juana Burga, Alejandro Awada, Luis Machin, Natalia Oreiro


Nicolas Puenzo

Nicolás Puenzo cemented his career directing advertising for widespread international brands. He co-directed and photographed the 12-chapter series Cromo currently streaming in Netflix. In parallel to directing, Nicolas is widely recognised as DP, winning the Condor Award for his work in The German Doctor.

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