• Feature
  • 2018
  • 123 Minutes
  • Germany
  • Language: German

Based on a true story, this powerful film – always engaging and even humorous at times – brings back one of the biggest grassroots movement for policy change in the history of West Germany.

Director: Oliver Haffner

Screenwriter: Gernot Krää, Oliver Haffner

Production Company: if... Productions

Premier Status: Asian Premiere

Film Critic

Justice for everybody

Mohsen Azarm

Mohsen Azarm

“Wackersdorf” is like revealing films which turned to be an important part of America’s cinema in 1970s. Such films are about relationship between dominant regime and citizens as well as civil rights ignored by the regime to accomplish its five-year and ten-year programs. In these films there is usually a person who although serves the regime, suddenly or gradually joins people who often oppose some policies of the regime. Hans Schuierer in Wackersdorf is one of those people. A commander who prefers to stay by people’s side who want nothing except their primary rights and justice- what was ignored in Germany’s democracy at that time. The dominant regime claims that it knows what is good for people while they know nothing therefore they shouldn’t interfere at all. What makes Schuierer a German symbolic character in West Germany in 1980s is doubting this claim. A commander like any other official is to execute orders given by officials of higher rank without considering consequences. But if commander considers civil and moral responsibilities everything will probably change. This is when legitimacy of regime’s supervision cannot be taken for granted, exactly like when Schuierer doubts if establishing a nuclear plant can solve problems of this region’s people. Doubt is always the solution, undoubtedly.



2018: Munich Film Festival, Winner of the Audience Award, Germany

2019: Bavarian Film Awards, Germany

Cast and Crew

Screenwriter: Gernot Krää, Oliver Haffner

Producer: Ingo Fliess

DOP / Camera: Kaspar Kaven

Editor: Anja Pohl

Music: Die Hochzeitskapelle

Sound: Marc Parisotto, Daniel Dietenberger, Michael Hinreiner

Production Designer: Renate Schmaderer

Cast: Johannes Zeiler, Anna Maria Sturm, Fabian Hinrichs, Johannes Herrschmann, Peter Jordan, Florian Brückner, Frederic Linkemann, August Zirner, Sigi Zimmerschied, Ines Honsel, Marlene Morreis


Oliver Haffner

Oliver Haffner (April, 1974 in Germersheim) is a German film and theater director and screenwriter. He studied feature film direction at the College of Television and Film Munich. In addition to his film and theater work, he is professor for “media-specific representation” (film acting) in the course “acting” at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in Potsdam.

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