Thursday 23 May 2024
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Waterlilies of Monet The Magic of Water and Light

A journey through the masterpieces and obsessions of the Genius of the Impressionism. With the invaluable contribution of Ross King, author of the best seller Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies.

  • English
Production Year
Film Type
Production Countries
  • Italy
Ross King, Elisa Lasowski
Production Company
Ballandi Arts
Premier Status
Asian Premiere

Crew List

Giovanni Troilo
Giorgio D'Introno
Giovanni Troilo
Marco Pisoni
DOP / Camera
Jean Delille
Antonello Pierleoni
Remo Anzovino
Matteo Bendinelli
Filippo Barracco
Production Designer
Ognjen Dizdarević
Mario Paloschi
Claudio Montefusco


Giovanni Troilo
Giovanni Troilo


Film Critic

Attractive combination of cinema’s facilities

Khosrow Sinaei
Khosrow Sinaei

The documentary film tells the story of the origin of a massive work of art that broke with convention, of an artist resurrecting his life through painting. His human endeavor defied both space and conventions in his timeless masterpieces. In a war-torn country, the undisputed genius of French Art disrupted the art world and changed it forever. As the end of the First World War drew near, it became clear to Monet that his work of art could not but be his final legacy to France: a symbol of peace, hope, and resistance, in a battered and bloody world. This is the tale of an obsession with light and water that the painter could not escape from and he transformed it into a kind of magic. A tale of the radical elements that revolutionized Modern Art. Monet’s clear intent was to transfer onto canvas the “first, pure impression” of forms and objects as they appear to the eye that has never seen before. The documentary proves a good film doesn’t necessarily need to rely on a story and cast, as long as it has balanced and proper composition, visual effect and music to accompany it.

Strolling in style of claude monet

Pirooz Kalantari
Pirooz Kalantari

This film reviews French painter Claude Monet’s life while focusing on the garden he made and decorated with flowers to paint. He even flew the stream of river to this garden to create the trilogy of water, light, and air- the main elements of his artistic life- and planted his waterlilies to create his paintings of views made by himself. He even used his low vision to introduce a different outlook to the world, that garden, and those flowers. He produced paintings ambiguous in pattern and color which reflected bitterness and damages caused by World War I to France and to himself. Monet’s spent his whole artistic life by the River Seine to maintain his contact with water. Water greatly impacted his art and climate changes made him angry and excited like what happened to King Lear. He held his workshop on his boat. The film wholly goes on in the nature of River Seine and narrates different periods of Monet’s life and work by dialogues of some men and women familiar with Monet’s art. This is a serene film containing scenes and music which invite us to the privacy and at the same time innovation and creativity of this French painter.

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