Thursday 23 May 2024
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Winter Flies

A teenage rebel and his dorky sidekick careen through the Czech countryside in a stolen Audi in Olmo Omerzu's delightfully unsentimental road movie.

  • Czech
Production Year
Film Type
Production Countries
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • France
Tomás Mrvík, Jan Frantisek Uher, Eliska Krenková, Zdenek Mucha, Lenka Vlasáková
Production Company
Premier Status
Regional premiere

Crew List

Olmo Omerzu
Petr Pýcha
DOP / Camera
Lukás Milota
Jana Vlcková
Simon Holy, Monika Midriaková, Pawel Szamburski
Daniel Nemec
Production Designer
Antonin Silar
Jiri Konecny

Festivals / Awards

2018: Slovene Film Festival, Best Minority Co-productions, Winner, Slovenia
2018: Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Best Director (Winner), Best Film (Nominated), Czech Republic
2019: Palm Springs International Film Festival, Best Foreign Language Film, Nominated, USA


Olmo Omerzu
Olmo Omerzu


Film Critic

Unreasonable rebellion

Alireza Naraghi
Alireza Naraghi

Winter Flies, a 2018 Czech road movie drama, is a bittersweet comedy that reminds us to enjoy our inner child and the innocent pleasures of youth. The film is the story of two boys, self-assured, rebel 14-year-old Mára and his eccentric, dorky friend Hedus, who are both runaway boys. They get in Mara’s car and set out into the frozen wilderness in search of adventure. They drive through countryside and meet a hitchhiker Bára and decide to give her a ride. Both boys dream about getting more intimate with her, but she locks herself in the car during the night and boys have to sleep outside. Mára reveals to Hedus that he goes to his grandfather who is a retired military officer. Boys eventually get to Mára’s grandfather who suffers a heart attack and they take him to the hospital. Mára is later arrested by two police officers and taken in for interrogation. The film ends when Hedus creates an incident outside the police station allowing Mára to escape.

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