Wednesday 24 April 2024
3:40 PM | | 41 Fajr

“High Power” Press Conference Holds at 41st FIFF

“High Power” Press Conference Holds at 41st FIFF

The media meeting of “High Power” held in Mellat Cineplex in Tehran on Feb.8, 2023, attended by the film’s crew.

Speaking in the press conference, the director of the film, Hadi Mohammadpour said, the hero of the film is one of the most prominent factors that communicates with the audience in the cinema and makes them feel better.

“The hero is one of the necessities of cinema; We had many heroes in the 8-year Iran-Iraq imposed war, many of them are not known. He added it’s important and valuable for the young generation to get to know them”.

“It was very difficult for us to make “High Power” and I had to focus both on the artistic atmosphere of the film as well as the technical problems of the film,” Mohammadpour added.

The FIFF is a major film event, which is organized every year to celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Presided by Mojtaba Amini, the 41st Fajr International Film Festival will be held from February 1-11, 2023, in Tehran.

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