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Iranian Titles Up for International Sales at 2018 Fajr Film Market

Iranian Titles Up for International Sales at 2018 Fajr Film Market

The 2018 Fajr International Film Festival has announced the names of films playing in its Film Market, a commercial event that each year provides valuable services for international distributors and sales agents.

Iranian filmmakers fortunate enough to receive distribution offers for their films will be able to ink deals with sales agents to release their films in foreign territories in collaboration with festival accolades.

According to the Secretariat of the annual event, this year a total of 31 feature-length, 19 short, and 9 documentary movies from Iran are screening. They have been directed by A-listers such as Bahman Farmanara, Ebrahim Hatamikia, Khosro Masoumi, Ahmad Reza Motamedi, Behrouz Gharib Pour, Kamal Tabrizi, Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar, and Houman Seyyedi, among others.

Some of the titles have already been screened in top international film festivals such as Berlin and are now aimed at the mainstream international market in partnership with the FIFF Film Market, a full-service film sales event licensing all media rights of feature films represented. These films will be screened in the Market and then be up for grabs for foreign release by international distributing companies and sales agents alike.

The Lineup:

1-The Lost Strait, Bahram Tavakoli

2-Forty Seven, Ahmad Otraghchi, Alireza Ata’ollah Tabrizi

3-Hattrick, Ramtin Lavafi

4-Mr. Deer, Mojtaba Mousavi (Short)

5-Grey Umbrella, Mohammad Poustin Douz (Short)

6-Discharged, Azadeh Mousavi (Short)

7-Orduckli, Behrouz Gharib Pour

8-Astigmatism, Majid-Reza Mostafavi

9-Patio, Maryam Bahrololumi

10-A Man With Blue Suit, Jamshid Bahmani (Short)

11-Beautiful Woman, Sajad Mousavi (Short)

12-Pedovore, Mohamad Kart (Short)

13-Banoo Ghods Iran, Mostafa Razagh Karimi (Documentary)

14-Finding Farideh, Kourosh Ataei, Azadeh Mousavi (Documentary)

15-House of Sun, Mehdi Bagheri (Documentary)

16-Path of Heart, Mehdi Zamanpour Kiasari (Documentary)

17-A Father’s Heritage, Mahdi Naghavian (Documentary)

18-Walking on String, Ahmadreza Motamedi

19-Dressage, Pooya Badkoobeh

20-Hendi & Hormoz, Abbas Amini

21-Cypress Under Water, Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar (Short)

22-A Bigger Game, Abbas Nezam Doost

23-Sly, Kamal Tabrizi

24-Andranic, Hossein Mahkam

25-African Violets, Mona Zandi Haghighi

26-Damascus Time, Ebrahim Hatamikia

27-Panj, Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini (Documentary)

28-Tale of the Sea, Bahman Farmanara

29-Woodpecker, Behrouz Shoeibi

30-Bearer, Bahman Kamyar

31-About The Salesman, Vahid Sedaqat & Tahmineh Monzavi (Documentary)

32-Reza, Alireza Motamedi

33-All Night, Farzad Motamen

34-Misunderstanding, Ahmad Reza Motamedi

35-Flaming, Hamid Nematollah

36-Dirty Job, Khosro Masumi

37-Sheeple,  Houman Seyyedi

38-Termites, Masoud Hatami

39-One Kilo and twenty One Grams, Rahim Toofan

40-The Dark Room, Rouhollah Hejazi

41-Mahour, Majid Niamorad

42-Time The Hangover, Mohammad Hossein Latifi

43-Gaze, Farnoosh Samadi (Short)

44-Athens, Hossein Shaeri (Short)

45-Zona, Toofan Nahan Ghodrati (Short)

46-The Labyrinth, Shiva Noori (Short)

47-Friend Brother Neighbor, Mohammad Ebrahim Azizi (Short)

48-The Dream of a Garden, Rahi Ghasemi (Short)

49-Buddha’s Shame, Morteza Atash Zamzam (Documentary)

50-Saad’s Olive Tree, Ahmad Zayery

51-The Story of Yemen, Mohammad Ali Shabani (Documentary)

52-Delete All, Mohammad Ali Rakhshani (Short)

53-Stammer, Mohammad Reza Haj Gholami

54-Hello, Mohammad Reza Haj Gholami (Short)

55-Crow’s Nest, Reyhaneh Kavosh (Short)

56-Moon said: Blop Blop Help, Reyhaneh Kavosh (Short)

57-Alphabet, Kianoush Abedi (Short)

58-Empty View, Ali Zare Ghanatnowi (Short)

59-Elephnat King, Hadi Mohammadian

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