Monday 22 April 2024
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Keeping a Promise to Yourself \ Amir Pourya Review of “The Miner”

Keeping a Promise to Yourself \ Amir Pourya Review of “The Miner”

Many human concepts like defending your rights, is the old value of the Orient. But in recent decades, we see the effort to remember this values in US cinema. It is not important that how many of these movies are original and slogan. It is important that US cinema can give its heroes “over reality” image. This affect the audience which is pleasant to the industry of cinema. But the disadvantage is that it keeps far the essence of championship from audience. By watching and hero from the cinema of US we never feel that we can be in his place and defend our vital values.

The “miner” is exactly vice versa. The hero is the simple miner and his revolt happens in silence. This is the drama that picture the hero in undefined situation and remind us to keep a promise to ourselves, one of us can be an Alia Bashich in every simple daily chores. The importance of the film is not just in this remembrance, even though is in the structure that use to follow “the unwanted hero” the point that the filmmaker is a woman and tells this story of resistance is a fundamental and often forgotten principle. The fundamental issues of human existence are not related to gender segregation. Humanity is humanity and “the miner restore this concept.

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