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Panel Discusses Cinema of Georgia at FIFF

Panel Discusses Cinema of Georgia at FIFF

On Tuesday, April 24, the 36th Fajr Filmfest hosted Cinema of Georgia Panel, with A-list actors, actresses, and filmmakers from the country in attendance. Georgian actress Salome Demuria and director Irakli Bagaturia were the main panellists.

Demuria is one the juries of Eastern Vista (Panorama of Films from Asian and Islamic Countries). The new space has brought together some of the best contemporary movies from Georgia’s fast growing and dynamic cinema. It features five significant and exciting works.

Bagaturia has to his name Orshabati (1995), Van Gogis Ukanaskneli (2012, Producer), Ori (2009), Babu (2010), Omshi Kvela Kvdeba (2008), Medallin (2008), and Sangari (2008).

The panellists discussed the cinema of Georgia that has been noted for its cinematography and simple storytelling. They also talked about the industry and how the fall of the USSR, civil war and unrest threatened Georgia’s proud cinematic tradition. They said recent years have seen a resurgence of talent determined to deal with the country’s recent past.

With director Reza Mirkarimi at helm of 2018, Fajr Filmfest continues to herald stronger comebacks from Asia, Europe and Middle East. Whatever one says of Middle East cinema and its power rankings, the region’s best and most powerful showcase for cinema is, has been and for all foreseeable time will be this festival, which runs in Charsou Cineplex and other venues in Tehran until April 27.

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