Sunday 14 July 2024
4:11 PM | | 42 Fajr

“Parvin” Presser at FIFF in Tehran

“Parvin” Presser at FIFF in Tehran

The last presser of the sixth day of the 42nd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) was held for “Parvin” with the participation of the cast and crew of the movie late on Tuesday Feb.6th.

According to the news center of the 42nd FIFF, the event featured the participation of the movie’s cast and crew, including director Mohammadreza Varzi, producer Mohammadreza Sharifinia, and actors and actresses.

Other team members included Ali Kian Erthi (sound recorder), Behzad Abdi (composer), Shahram Khalaj (make-up artist), Masoud Owsati (set designer), Mehdi Hosseinivand (editor), Farshad Khaleghi (cinematographer), Roya Ebrahimi (costume designer), and Mehrdad Jelokhani (sound designer).

Varzi, the director, expressed his interest in biographies of prominent figures, emphasizing the need to make more such works in the Iranian cinema .

The director highlighted the importance of portraying impactful lives, especially, hoping that the new generation of filmmakers pay more attention to creating such impactful works.

While it was challenging to capture all aspects of Parvin’s life in a single film, Varzi suggested that a series might be necessary.

Later, Bani Adam considered her role an honor and a significant artistic opportunity.

Sharifinia, the producer, said that nowadays, the world does not seek a total physical resemblance between the actor and the character.

The FIFF is a major film event, which is organized every year to celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.
Presided by Mojtaba Amini, the 42nd edition of Iran’s largest annual film festival will be held from February 1-11, 2024, in Tehran.

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